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" The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams " - Eleanor Roosevelt
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I guess Government knows that each problem is opportunity for some:

Every unorganized thing we see about India we start saying or thinking why cant this be solved. During my travel earlier this year I observed two such things and would come up with a parallel logic as to why government is not solving them.

First: In Delhi I got down at ISBT and wanted to go to Parathe wali gali. With technology at my hand I checked the route to see how to reach there. I had heard a lot about the Delhi Metro’s  great connectivity but where I get down at ISBT, I would need go another 2 KMs to get a metro station. So I wondered why on earth the metro not start at ISBT. Well the logic that I got is, If it did it would mean loss of business for many auto and taxi guys. BTW those bastards don’t like using meter. 

Second: In Kolkata I was travelling from Sealdah to Kankurgachi and the auto goes by the canal west road. What I see is big organized pile of garbage and plastic bags (raddi). This pile looks like a warehouse of the garbage and thus I could come with a reason why the government found it easy to keep kolkata streets filthy. They are an opportunity for the begger/garbage collecting boys.

With the above two I see how government of India is keeping things unorganized just so that It could give some opportunity to people it can not help or rather I say ignore mainstream help.

If you are not a computer science / tech guy you might be thinking what Linked List? So its basically a funda in computer science where a list of data are chained to the next by means of addresses to the next. Or better read it here. Getting in to the topic, These days we are more confident on google than our memory, why? because we have gotten a feeling ‘google hai nah’. When we talk about things we generally start pointing to some website which has the information. So yeah that is what I mean, our brain has become a linked list. Another interesting example is these days phone number are stored in phones books (i mean digital) and not remembered anymore. All this is thanks to technology and mostly computer science. I guess there are more such things which we can look and say are like linked-list. I’m writing this with out using this linked list approach of my brain else would have googled some and put up :)

This approach makes us feel smarter because we can answer anything by just using a google search but do you realize what happens when internet is down or when we loose the phone? right! we face tough time. So though this linked-list approach enables us get more, just like in tech it can create something similar to a dangling pointer situation. 

Note: This random thought came up during a recent conversation with a buddy. This post is made without the use of any google search, to check how good I can complete this but those wikipedia links needed google, dammit! :)

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